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I only take a limited number of Operations Management Retainer clients on my roster. The reason I limit my retainer clients is so that I can ensure I am providing the appropriate attention and focus my clients deserve.

Why aren't you taking anymore Operations Management Retainer clients?

I am currently offering Consulting, Operations & Systems Audits, and System Buildouts. If there is an opportunity for a one-off implementation project (like helping you build and hire a team, plan a launch), I can help you out with that as well! 

What are the options for working with you right now?

We start with a strategy call where we have an in-depth discussion on your business goals & vision. In the first 90 days I will be on the lookout for where money is being wasted, put out urgent fires, and lay down the foundations for future projects. And once I have a grasp on the nitty-gritty of your business, I will create Standard Operating Procedures while planning & managing your launches or projects.

What is the process for working with you on retainer?

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