Jenny M. Jones

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I’m here to partner with you to accelerate your your business growth to the next level with simple growth strategies, smooth and seamless systems, plus infusing operational excellence into your entire business.

As your strategic business partner, trusted advisor, and sounding board, I'll keep you laser-focused on what matters to reach your larger-than-life goals and visions. Let's keep you in your zone of genius and ensure you're spending your valuable time and energy on being the visionary CEO you were meant to be.

Are you looking for clarity and support to take your business to the next level?

Look no further.

Before jumping into the digital entrepreneurial world, I was working behind cubicle walls in corporate America. Once I master something I always need to learn something new, and so my career led me to working in a wide range of business functions from finance, supply chain & operations management, and product marketing. Through my experiences, I gained a wealth of knowledge into the systems and processes that Fortune 500 companies implement to be successful. 

So, why did I leave all that behind? Let me tell ya...I was sad AF sitting in an office. I was feeling uninspired by the stiff structure of the corporate world, and dreamt of the freedom that owning my own business would mean.

Finally in early 2020 (like literally RIGHT before the pandemic!), I left that stable career behind. Now I help purpose-driven CEOs accelerate their business growth, increase their impact, and reach their dream goals for themselves and their businesses.

As a quintessential strategic planner (hello, Kolbe score 9-7-2-3!) I'm ya girl in situations that require a ton of thought and analysis. My mind naturally thinks through all of the details that are often overlooked by big-picture, visionary thinkers. Because I am so proficient in both strategies and the plan to execute said strategies, that makes me THE strategic partner for bringing your ideas to life.

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ISTJ Logistician

Relator, Learner, Intellection, Input, Analytical

5w6 The Problem-Solver


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