Jenny M. Jones

Operations | Systems | Strategy

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stop trying to figure sh!t out on the fly.

let's get you back to enjoying a business and life you love.

Creating streamlined systems to build you a more optimized & sustainable business

Here's what you need to know about me: I love helping my clients make data-driven operational decisions for more profit and efficiency.

How did I learn all this? I'm bringing my finance background and 8+ years of corporate experience working with Fortune 500 companies directly to you.

By integrating a blend of data, streamlined systems, and strategic planning, we're going to elevate your business operations to the next level.

your business operations consultant AND IN-HOUSE COO

Hey, I''m Jenny!




— Lexie - PR & Business Coach, PR Agency Founder

Jenny is kind, efficient, patient, and an absolute expert in her craft. She turned an overwhelming area of our business (systems) into a simplified and streamlined process built for success.

— Chelsea - Content Marketing Agency Founder

Jenny makes me feel so calm yet inspired to do my best work. With her, I can focus more on the stuff that needs my attention instead of being bogged down by team questions or the backend of my business. It's a relief knowing someone has your back.

— Malika - Professional Development Coach

Jenny is incredibly gifted at operations and systems management. No matter how big or small your business is, Jenny will be an asset.

— Ashley - Ads Agency Founder

Jenny set things up for my business so that I save hours a day. All my onboarding and offboarding of clients and employees are all streamlined in an easy automated process.

— Elaine - Business & Career Coach

Before working with Jenny, I struggled with doing all the things. She found straightforward ways to simplify tasks and get my time back.

— Kendall - Copywriter

Jenny is not only a damn genius at operations and understanding what processes *need* to be in place, but the processes you may not have even thought about.